Uppies for the Month (November 2010)

Rants and Bants.

1) School / Work, Life

“Life goes on, with little time to spare on anything personal.”

Really been stuck on the working office hours of 9am – 6.30pm and after that, dead tired to really do anything hobby related.

“Work makes previously un-cherished weekends priceless.”

Especially if you wana go out with a gang of DSLR users – WLNF.

However, with all the going out on weekends, it does not mean your table will automatically clear itself.

Neither will your Flickr account nor files on your desktop/laptop computer.

On top of work, I’m still intending to go for that JLPT N 4 exam which i paid up for.

^^; Personal Confidence: 40%

Would love some tips on how you folks manage your work and personal life!~

2) Hoots/Loots Whatever works.

Adopted a Dollfie Dream – Takamachi Nanoha from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS which i happen to be a real big fan of.


Definitely a must buy for me. *Adds NANOHA -THE MOVIE FIRST-  into buy list*

3) This Site

/Projects / Want to do/

Collab project w/ Nutcase23, 70% done. Throwing all my freetime into this!

More DD Shots w/ @alafista!


Only had done up 2x posts for the month ^^;;;

Though we had a

Awesome 3D Review which @unknowdata-kun had done up.

Still have 2 [WLNF] posts which i wana do up when i have time~


Will prolly find a day -After JLPT- which i am free to queue some posts up. Hopefully that would help in some way!


What a 疲れた November…

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