[Event Stuffings] CGM Night 2010 -Singapore-

All Dolls Night.

Danny hosted CGM Night Singapore on 15/11/2010 at Lau Pasak, from 5pm – 11.20pm (+8 GMT).

Heard that the crowd was much larger before i arrived. =(

Really feels to obtain more name cards of different comrades from all over Singapore (And overseas)!

Will add them into my Collection.

Did not take much pictures of the bits and pieces going on… (Internship really drains me.)

But you can find more coverage over here~


^ and the links at the bottom of his page. ^^;

Being there reminded me stuff which i forgot to do!

No, not this.

Nop, not this!!

Sidenote: Met Fabrice at the event unexpectedly as well! Totally did not know he was coming.

Thanks for the namecard, Fabrice!

I actually forgot to make Namecards ^^;;;; O gosh.

Will be seeing more Dollfie Dream shots lying around here for various reasons~

If i were to put a word for it, it’d be for promotional reasons!

CGM Night was awesome!


Thank you Danny for hosting it in Singapore!

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