Uppies for the Month (September 2010)

1) School / Work, Life

Finally obtained my Driving License after a year of learning!

The journey towards the license was not only tough… it was really expensive!

Could have bought 33 more Nendoroids or 48 more figmas with the money spent on this!

My break has also ended. This will mean that i’ll have to go back to school to jam up more study materials!

Events wise, i reckon that Gundam Fiesta’d be the the major event for the month of September!

Been busy putting stuff related my new home together. Pretty much took up much of my time there!

Lined up 3 beasts which form the network backbone of my home.

Fred my holy trinity from their boxes as well.

They currently pose on my bed side ^^; Can’t sleep without looking at them first.

Other stuff which i splurged on… A Cambridge Audio Azur 340A Integrated Amplifier.

Sold these to fund the amp!

2) Hoots/Loots Whatever works.

Stocked up on Nanoha Goods for September. Prolly made up most of my loot for the month.

> Nendoroid Scarlet was procured for a friend of mine!

3) This Site


We have beautiful foot solider in training which will serve the 01st MM Division of zh3us soon!

Haruhi’s getting new clothes as well as part of a collab project between Us and Nutcase23-chan from TheBanzaiEffect!



Thats September for me!

How was yours?

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