Uppies for the Month (August 2010)

Bits and pieces for the Month of August.

1) School / Work, Life

Had a nice 2 Week Examination Preparation break in August due to the Inaugural Youth Olympic games.

PS: Picture not Shot by me.

But for now its back to the Exam Preparation Table again!

Will be having 2 major papers which will be coming up on 03/09/10 and 07/09/10 which will each contribute to more than 50% of each Module… Pretty much a Do or Die paper!

Earlier this month, my nation celebrated its 45th birthday too! If that counts as an event ^^;

Will be heading to Gundam Fiesta 2010 @ Compass Point tomorrow (01/09/10) for a blogger’s coverage of the event. (Gotta thank LEon for the Opportunity!)

Gundam Fans, stay tuned!

Oh! Yeah… I finally did some maintenance on my Machine during the break, only to find…

Insane amounts of dust!

2) Hoots/Loots Whatever works.

Care to guess which of these belong to me?

3) This Site

Gotta thank Author Unknowdata for churning out possibly the first ever BRS Figma Review in the world!

Really loved the omakes which came with it!

Managed to push out 5x posts this month with the help of @unknowdata. Thanks for the help! ^^;

Have not been able to hit on Ms Snail yet as i will be shifting from my current house to another.

Will get a spanking new room in the process! Gotta love my new room!


Earlier this month, I met up with Comrade Kodomut for a babe awesomelicious shoot involving Alphard and Canaan.

Peektures: CanaanAlphard

If you are interested in how Kodomut does awesome photos, I made a timelapse of the entire event.
[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/zh3us/4887861773/]

Also, I stole Tenshi off @saiseki and made HUGEEEE Wings for her.

Followed the same style i created for “Figma Wing making” but added a few alterations and amendments.

If you are interested in making these, do check:

Phew! Thats pretty much it for Aug!

Had an Awesome Month of August and really excited to reel in the month of September!

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