MGS Action, coming right up.

Today, we have Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

This clone of the Big Boss is made by Square Enix under their “Play Arts Kai” line of figures.

More Play Arts Kai stuff can be found at AmiAmi. (No, I’m not endorsing them.)

Rifle sold separately! This particular figure only came with a small pistol ;(

I was told what he aims with his eye patched eye!

Right, this how you need to hide yourself if you do not have his “State of the Art Stealth Suit”.

“Obliterating enemies.”

Details wise, this figure’s loaded with them.

The safety harness’s made of plastic. Believe it or not.




Snake actually had a child.

Despite being all heartless and cold blooded on the battle field, he is actually a caring father.

And now you know the true identity of Nadeko’s Dad!



Figure with credits to Crimson Dramon!!


As usual, more off:

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