Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.

Yep! My suited up daughters are actually armed troops for the Singapore army! (Just Kidding)

Every year on 09 Aug, Singapore celebrates its National Day.

One of our National Day’s highlights will be the Fireworks display which happens after the parade. Kodomut has bobblicious awesome shots of that!

Right, during this time of the year, the more patriotic families, will hang the Singapore Flag on the walls outside of their apartment which somehow looks like the top picture.

There will be a large scale parade every year which involves thousands of people in performing arts and security of the venue.

The venue will usually be the Floating Platform off Marina Bay but every 5 years, the venue changes to a large field outside of the City Hall called the Padang (Malay for Field).

Oh yeah, the Soldiers in the parade stand somehow like this.

However, they are not even 1% the moe levels of Tsukasa!



> Our National Anthem -Majulah Singapura- feat Megurine Luka.


~ Had some time off after a lunch meeting with family on National day and thus had time to meet up with the WLNF gang for some photofun!

~ Gotta thank @nutcase23 for the usage of this Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX lens! Gotta get this superb lens in my arsenal too!

As Usual, more off:

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