Uppies for the Month (July 2010)

Nope. Its not a sugary sweet month here!

1) School / Work, Life

Wow. Just wow. Been really squeezed dry by my lecturers and educators! D=

Managed to finish my “SAS Enterprise Guide 1 – Querying and Report” as part of my Customer Relationship Management module from school during the month of July…

3 out of the 7 modules i take have already concluded by July.

I’m left with my last assignment to finish up. (Care to guess what this is?)

I find myself staring alot at my this particular screen of my iPhone often for the month of july…

Maybe its because i can’t have the opportunity to grab my gear and jam out some shoots!

Singapore will host the World’s First Youth Olympic games and because of that, quite a number of students will have a neat break during that 2 weeks.

(YAY! Gotta gun down some shoots!)

2) Hoots/Loots Whatever works.

Did not lose any Blood this month! All items fro the month of July were procured for other comrades!

I gotta say, the major event that will hit hard on my Wallet will the the Wonder Fest Summer 2010. Just look at the List!!

3) This Site

Been really slow this month on the updates…  Do Apologise
Papershot: It’s because I’m still supar busy! :3

But rest assured! I’ll have more of lovely Nadeko coming along!

Gotta congratulate @Unknowdata on obtaining a new beauty! *Drools*

Going to pull Ms Snail out for the coming posts… Do stay Tuned!

Academics really made July a Loaded month for me… but there will always be August to help me fend off some stress!

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