N. Snake

Puchi Puchi Snake!

Today, we have GSC’s Sengoku Nadeko. AKA Nadeko Snake from Bakemonogatari!

As you can see, shes a cute little Loli who only wants Koyomi Oni-chan.

Nadeko: “Wheres the toilet?”

That worried face of her Makes some shots look really good! Yet, boring in the long run. (You’ll prolly feel that at the end of this post)

Nadeko: “Is Koyomi-Onii Chan Safe?”

Chose a place with dried up leaves as i thought it will fit the theme (No Maple Leaves here ;_;)

She fits in her hat! D= Talk about big heads!

Do apologize for the repeated portray of character. I have a long way to go in shooting Puchies!

Till i bring her to the Swimming pool, its the end of part I!


As usual, more stuff off:

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