Shikigami Langley; Asuka

Today we have Inferno0748‘s “Sega UFO Prize, Asuka Langley Shikigami” as a model!

In that tight tight Plug Suit, shes absurdly curvy, but I’m not Complaining!

For those who did not Watch, Evangelion 2.0/2.22 you should! *Drools at this Plug Suit*

If you were wondering where the peektures of her Shoes are, they don’t exist. The paintjob over there was a little too horrendous. ^^;;

Oh yeah, I ordered Kotobukiya’s Asuka (1/6) too! Gotta do a shoot on her when shes here! =)

Love the way the red shines in Mid-day Sun.

Those who had watched the series would have known about Her Past. Was not really pleasant!!

A Faraway place,
a place where Asuka wants to reach…

A Place with no War.
A Place with no Angels.
A Place with no Evas.

– A Place of Happiness…

Thanks for letting me shoot her! Inferno0748!


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