Diary Entry


The Friendly Countdown Dinner

Continuation to “2012“.


Gaffer Armor

Gaffer Armor

How my lenses look like now.


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NoM nOms


The Collection

922 Stacking (1 of 1)
The growth in the stacking of Boxes.


29th February

29feb (2 of 11)

Stuff that happened in Feb~


← Behind the Picture

Making Cakes (4 of 5)

Behind the scenes of “Musket and the Musketeer“.

Spring Cleaning

MESSY 922 (16 of 16)



CNY PREP (2 of 11)

CNY preppies.


Passing Out Parade

This happened on 07/01/2012.



The Lazy

Been very lazy on weekends.


Box Configurations


The Souped up post of – “Compacting Nendos and Figmas” from 2 years ago.


Dusty! [Hayate] #06
And a dead fly.

Life as a Conscript

The Smart Four

-Nikon D90+Holga-N+HolgaFishEye Adpator

*Non-watermarked pictures are not shot by me.


My Gadgets

Race Miku (3 of 6)
No, i don’t own a car.


夏祭り ’11


Compulsory Conscription

DD Rina (National Day 2011)

No, girls do not need to do this shit (Thats why i want a Loli)


[Ota-Life] Lamination

Table unfocused (1 of 1)

Post continued from Storing Megami-es from a while back.


[Catching up] Lagging Behind

Going to be like this pile of fishes soon. (more…)

[2 Weeks Late] The April’s Fool Digest

The Kidnapped Mari and Evil Nanoha


Life [M]anagement

Just like my iPhone over here, I’m out of Reception and Out of Battery.

*This post will be full of Rants.



Cleaning up, my life that is.


Uppies for the Month (November 2010)

Rants and Bants.


Uppies for the Month (October 2010)

Rambles, rambles and more rambles!