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Emperor Nero

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Rose Petals and Feathers.

[AFA’11] Danny Choo’s Booth

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AFA’ 2011 Day 2

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No Day 1 for me as i was still stuck on a military facility on another Island!

Halloweeeeeen 2011


The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-3

Mecha Shounen Header 03

Modding Sessions V

Mecha Musume III (27 of 42)
Mecha Musume #05 – KagaZulu

The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-2

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The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-1

Mecha Shounen Headed 1-1

Modding Sessions IV

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Continuing from Modding Sessions 1.

Modding Sessions III


Seto X Red Frame


Life [M]anagement

Just like my iPhone over here, I’m out of Reception and Out of Battery.

*This post will be full of Rants.


Modding Sessions II



Modding Sessions I

The things i do to my Figmas, carrying on from the last [OLD] post – Mecha Musume-es.


Y x K

Michael 13 & Shishio, Y x K.

* Warning -Yuri References Inside-


[Backdate] BOT

Backdated stuff!



And her friends.



I’m here again, after long time no post.

Review Figma BRS in studio shot


Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.



Gold haired Angel – Fate Testarossa.