Racoon and Snacks

Boku X Inu SS

Karuta by: Miyoko-san
Watanuki by: Naoya-kun


NEX 6 + SEL16F28 + VCL-ECF1

Sony NEX 6 + SEL16F28

Walking around post!


The Omake Shoot

Yuzuriha Inori - Omakes!

Cosplayer: Camille Iora!

Special Thanks to @Nutcase23, @shazzsteel, @keriseikumi


Nikon’s Holga


“Lifestyle” shots with a crappy lens. (more…)

Jurong Birdpark

Jurong Birdpark (53 of 89)
Tourist Locale with many types of Birdies.




Emotional Shots


[Cosplay] Shiroyasha – Sakata Gintoki

Shiroyasha Day Shoot  (11 of 31)

[Cosplay] Shiroyasha (Night)

Copy Shiroyasha Night Shoot  (9 of 22)


Snow Storm
Blizzard Yuki.


The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-3

Mecha Shounen Header 03


GSC 1-8 Tenshi (29 of 44)

GSC 1/8 Tenshi PVC Figure (Belongs to @Saiseki, setup and wings by @kodomut)


[Making] Behind the scenes of NanoSeduction


How mister Kodomut does his job.

Making of his post – NanoSeduction.


Y x K

Michael 13 & Shishio, Y x K.

* Warning -Yuri References Inside-


[Backdate] BOT

Backdated stuff!


Random Post before New Year

Yeah, that’s it.


Shadow of Death

Red and White Robot with swords.



MGS Action, coming right up.


Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.


N. Snake

Puchi Puchi Snake!


Shikigami Langley; Asuka


Mecha White Devil

EFSF Prototype Close Combat Mobile Suit


We stand together, always.

A Night in flames.



The Movie 1st.


Puchi on the goes!!!

Miku on the field!